Arabol Rust Preventive Oil

ARABOL RPO, is rust preventive oil made with thin and good penetrating solvents coupled with highly refined film forming oils and high performance Rust inhibitor additives.

This product leaves fine oily film by simple dip/spray/ roller spray or brush applications. The rust preventive film formed exhibit very good moisture repelling ability from the metal surface and protects the surface from acidic vapours of pickling operation. The rust preventive film formed on the surface of the metal protects from high humid and salty environments. This product is most useful in areas like cold roll and hot roll steel plants and all the metal protections in acidic pollutant intense areas. The applied material can be removed by solvent wipe or alkaline de greasers as per the conditions of Metal treatment cleaning lines.



  • Excellent Acid fume protection.
  • Thin oily adherent film.
  • Good protection in salt and humid environments.
  • Non- staining under packed and operational conditions.
  • Economical solution in terms of performance and Coverage.
  • No heavy metals and hazardous raw material.



Product can be applied on the metal surface by dipping, spraying or brushing.

Product can offer good benefits in steel rolling like cold and hot rolled and galvanized lines. It finds application in bulk dip operations of all general engineering and press shops.


Test parameters

Typical test values


Thin pale amber liquid


Mild petro odor

cSt @ 40ºC


Copper Corrosion


Water Displacement test


Film Thickness

2.5 - 3.5 Gm/Sq M

Type of film

Fine waxy Film

Specific Gravity


Salt Spray test

42Hours Minimum

Humidity Hours

> 288 Hours

Flash Point, °C

> 38 Deg C


Typical Specifications:            

Any minor change in the above typical test values cannot be inferred as product performance deviation)


Pack Size: 210 Lit and 50 lit

Storage & Usage:

As the product is solvent based avoid the storage near high temperature zones and avoid direct flame or sparks near the material storage and usage.

Store the material under shaded area from 5 to 40 DEG C normal room conditions.