Ultra Synthetic Power API SN 10w/30

Ultra Synthetic Power API SN 10w/30

Ultra Synthetic Power API SN 10w/30

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Arabol 4T Semi-Synthetic Motor Bike Oil is designed specifically for motorcycles and 2 wheelers. Motorcycles place special demands on engine oil that automotive oils are not designed to handle.


The wet clutch system, high RPMs and temperatures, and metals found in motorcycles require special properties for proper performance and protection. We use the highest quality synthetic base oils and advanced additives to bring out the best in your machine.



- Provides high-temperature protection

- Outstanding wet clutch protection for maximum power transfer and smooth shifting

- Maximizes power and acceleration

- Excellent wear and corrosion protection

- Added protection against harmful deposits

- Excellent Shear Stability

- Excellent Film Strength

  For use in 4-Stroke Motorcycles, including Cruisers and Off-Road Motorcycles. 

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